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Gui::SoFCSelection Class Reference

#include <SoFCSelection.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

selection node this node do the complete highlighting and selection together with the viewer it is d
Jürgen Riegel

Definition at line 54 of file SoFCSelection.h.

Public Types

enum  HighlightModes { AUTO, ON, OFF }
enum  Selected { NOTSELECTED, SELECTED }
enum  SelectionModes { SEL_ON, SEL_OFF }

Public Member Functions

virtual void doAction (SoAction *action)
virtual void GLRender (SoGLRenderAction *action)
virtual void GLRenderBelowPath (SoGLRenderAction *action)
virtual void GLRenderInPath (SoGLRenderAction *action)
virtual void handleEvent (SoHandleEventAction *action)
SbBool isHighlighted (void)
 SoFCSelection (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static void finish (void)
static void initClass (void)
static void turnOffCurrentHighlight (SoGLRenderAction *action)

Public Attributes

SoSFColor colorHighlight
SoSFColor colorSelection
SoSFString documentName
SoSFEnum highlightMode
SoSFString objectName
SoSFEnum selected
SoSFEnum selectionMode
SoSFEnum style
SoSFString subElementName

Protected Member Functions

virtual SbBool readInstance (SoInput *in, unsigned short flags)
virtual void redrawHighlighted (SoAction *act, SbBool flag)
virtual ~SoFCSelection ()

Private Types

typedef SoGroup inherited

Private Member Functions

SbBool isHighlighted (SoAction *action)
SbBool preRender (SoGLRenderAction *act, GLint &oldDepthFunc)
void setOverride (SoGLRenderAction *action)
 SO_NODE_HEADER (Gui::SoFCSelection)

Static Private Member Functions

static void turnoffcurrent (SoAction *action)

Private Attributes

bool bCtrl
bool bShift
SoColorPacker colorpacker
SbBool highlighted

Static Private Attributes

static SoFullPath * currenthighlight = NULL

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