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Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
AppThe namespace of the FreeCAD Aplication layer library
BaseThe namespace of the FreeCAD Base library
boostGenerates an M-by-N real matrix Q with orthonormal columns, which is defined as the first N columns of a product of K elementary reflectors of order M Q = H(1) H(2) . . . H(k)
GuiThe namespace of the FreeCAD Graphical interface layer library
Gui::DialogThe namespace of the FreeCAD dialogs
Gui::DockWndThe namespace of the dockable windows of FreeCAD
Gui::PropertyEditorThe namespace of the property editor for FreeCAD
MeshThe namespace of the Mesh Aplication layer library
MeshCoreThe namespace of the Mesh Core library
MeshGuiThe namespace of the Mesh Graphical interface layer library
stdThe Standard namespace for the C++ library
Wm4The namespace of the WildMagic library

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